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With its unique “can do” approach & perspective of looking at every event from the “outside in” The Way Foundation USA has successfully incepted numerous innovations in the leadership, education, health, socio-economic and community development spheres with no sign of slowing down as it continues to roll out international collaborations in various areas to ensure that the lives of the Global Populaces are impacted positively while ensuring that its trademark phrase “Win, Win, Wins” are consistently created for sustainable growth and development and the benefit of Global communities as a whole. Remaining firmly planted while holding steadfast to its values and committed to fulfilling its vision of nurturing downtrodden souls, motivating the discouraged, and empowering the weak, lost and forgotten.

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“We  have each been given A PEARL and SOME of us MORE THAN ONE, but if we refuse to IDENTIFY and JOIN our PEARL with others, it shall ever remain JUST A PEARL and NEVER become the PRICELESS GIFT and EVER SO BEAUTIFUL STRAND OF PEARLS that IT and We were intended to be…. TOGETHER!”                           

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    Create a World Free from the Vicious Monster called Violence!

    Every 9 minutes a person is assaulted or beaten! 40% of child abuse victims have reported being exposed to Violence! That alone is just the tip of the iceberg of those affected. This monster does not discriminate and touches each of us either directly or indirectly. Its victims are our mothers, fathers, coworkers, friends, teachers, clergy, boss, sons and daughters. They all live in a silent prison chained by shame and fear. Hiding behind smiles… Trapped by their love.

    Help those who have broken free of their Secret Prisons and Survived

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