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Each day thousands of people suffer Violence. They live every day in a Silent Prison Bound by Love, Fear, Self Contempt and Shame. These are our Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters, Nieces, Nephews, Grand Parents, Co- Workers, Bosses, Role Models and Leaders… no one is impervious.

This monster has no regard or respect for Age, Race, Ethnicity, Social Status, Wealth, Education, Affluence or Demographic. Whether its USA or Australia; fetus in utero to 103 yrs old; homeless on the street or Fortune 500 executive; Doctor, layman or Clergy… Any one can become shackled and smothered in its Horrific Bubble of Terror.

As diverse as these victims may be, they share ONE common thread. SILENCE. Universally, most Violence Victims live a Life of Silent Torture afraid to Speak Out against their abuser. Which brings us to the Most Vulnerable Victim amongst this entire group (they surprisingly comprise the entire group as well) The Child.

This Special Victim is so unique, because no only can they be recipients of the literal abuse. But as they live Terrified inside the Walls of the Horror House called home, Helpless to Protect those they Love Most while at the same time Hating those they Love Most, they become conditioned and a Bigger Monster is born. Sadly, they are most likely to become perpetuators of the same abuse ( either as perpetrators or victims) thus giving life to the vicious cycle that is the life of this monster.

Please feel free to email us at 50shadesoftwf@theway2inspire.org for more information on how you, your organization or someone you may know might get involved.]