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Seed 2 Read

Giving our Youth the Gift of Words…

Literacy is fundamental to survive in our ever changing global world. With this ideology in mind the Seed to Read Program was born. It is scientifically proven that a child that can read reasons better and fact than a child who cannot, the same hold true into adulthood. A child who can read can write; a child who can write can speak; and a child who can speak can express his dream and innermost ambitions. A child who can express himself, possesses self-confidence, exhibits self-reliance, and thrives upon proactive thinking.

These all characteristics of a leader! Gone are the days when a child can get by with writing a report on paper. Our children need to be prepared to be the next generation of leaders, to express, to debate, to excel and manifest the inner star just waiting to be seen and heard globally!

If you would like to donate or feel you can help or know someone who can please, Please contact us at theway.foundation@yahoo.com or .seed2read@theway2inspire.org.