Helping Others Help Themselves

Mrs. Felicia S. Henderson is an African-American humanitarian. Having studied a double major in Allied Health and Business from the prestigious University of Illinois at Chicago, she has three (3) decades of corporate experience from different organizations in the United States and Nigeria such as Ameritech (formerly Illinois Bell) a Telecom company in Illinois, the prestigious Chicago Tribune- one of the foremost newspapers in the USA and the esteemed Hartford Insurance Company to name a few.

After living over 12 years in Africa, she decided it was time to return to her roots.  Thus, returning to the United States with her family and currently resides in Texas where she acts as the Managing Director of  AE Consults, Kesma J International Resources Limited, Visionary Incubator and Founder and International Director of The Way Foundation and its multiple arms located in various countries. Felicia wears many hats and remains a woman off abundant talent and countless possibilities.  Having long since carved out her niche as the “International Business Woman”, “Humanitarian”, “Actress”, “Model”, “Motivational Speaker”, “Instigator Of Change” and “Visionary” she proudly states  “ I’m a jack of many trades and master of everything I do!”. Aside standing as a UPF Ambassador of Peace and Global Goodwill Ambassador, she is an Executive member of the Nigerian Belize Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture and also sits as Chairman of Media /Publicity and Business Development Committees, as well as an active member of several national, international and multilateral boards, associations and organizations.

A firm believer in the ideology that ‘we all are ordinary people, just waiting to do extraordinary things”, Amb. Henderson is passionate about motivating, inspiring people and challenging people to make the right choices in life and has been internationally recognized for doing just that. Having received many local & international awards and honors inclusive of being recognized as 1 of 100 Globally Influential Women in London she continues to try and set the bar higher in the sixth (6th) sector. She is ever ready to support lend a hand to start up with that special spark in an effort to give other budding Not for profits something to emulate and aspire to with her simplistic, fiery and contagious “do as I do, not as I say attitude”. With her “can do”  unique approach/perspective of looking at every event from the “outside in” she has successfully incepted numerous innovations in the education, health, socio economic spheres with no sign of slowing down as she continues to roll out international collaborations in various areas to ensure that the lives of the Global Populaces are impacted positively while ensuring that her trademark phrase “Win, Win, Wins” are consistently created for sustainable growth and development and the benefit of Global communities as a whole. This feisty mother of five (5) is disciplined, firmly planted in her beliefs while holding steadfast to her values and committed to fulfilling her vision of nurturing downtrodden souls, motivating the discouraged, and empowering the weak, lost and forgotten.

“GOD has given each of us A PEARL… SOME of us MORE THAN ONE!  If we refuse to IDENTIFY and JOIN our GIFT our PEARL with others AS ORDAINED, we and it will ever remain JUST A PEARL and NEVER become the PRICELESS GIFT and EVER SO BEAUTIFUL STRAND OF PEARLS that GOD intended IT and US to be…. TOGETHER!”