Triumph in the eye of adversity, this is the Mantra of Peter Booth. Having survived a life altering accident stole his military career, sight in one eye and could have left ended his legacy before it fully began, Mr Booth is a man with vision for people and a heart of gold to match.  He stand firmly now as a champion for those with disabilities around the world.


With a wealth of international business experience, inclusive of working in IT, the City and recruitment, Peter is focused on education, socio-economic development and the charity sector. Having served as a senior director of many charities and schools, as a county councilor, where he specialized in education, special education needs and race relations, church youth group work and corporate communications and being a regular letter writer to the global press and interviewed on many TV and radio channels he is a bit of a local celebrity across the pond in the UK. His main work now is an author and inspirational speaker on a moral mission to motivate others with his story of recovery amongst other his many novels that are being publishes.


A man of upstanding morals  and champion for the weak and less privileged hes truly a knight in shining armor, having served in the British Army and raised over $52 million dollars for good causes.


“I am an active Christian, Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Freemason and since my accident in 1982 when I was 21 in which all of my dreams seem to have been shattered have emerged as a more confident role model and champion for those who cannot fight for themselves. God saved me for a purpose and it is to help others.”

Peter Booth